Fair Winds Strategies Mid-Week Roundup

Another week, another roundup, another bunch of resources.  If you’re looking for anything in particular, leave a note and we’ll post our favorite answers in the next couple of weeks.

Startup Forms →

Business templates are great.  They give you a starting point for creating your own documents and can often save thousands of dollars in legal costs.  Even though this site is focused on documents for startups, we find that many small businesses are missing some of these forms.  

Sample Pitch Deck →

Once again, it’s great to have a starting place when you’re creating a content rich document.  This is a great template that walks you through creating a pitch deck for your company.  Don’t just think seed, angel or venture funding when you look at creating a pitch deck.  They are wonderful for presenting information to banks during the lending process, and parts of them can be used for customer facing presentations too! 

SAFE Documents →

Convertible notes are so last year.  Simple agreements for future equity (SAFE) are what’s in.  These documents solve some of the tax and balance sheet implications that convertible debt introduces, and they are fully vetted and ready to go! 

Twitter Hashtags

We’re just getting into social media here so it will be a bit before we start reporting on our own best practices.  In the meantime, here’s how we hashtags to use when we’re tweeting.  This site has all sorts of ways to look at trending or related hashtags.

Most popular hashtags →

Related hashtags →

Website Marketing Grader →

Are you doing everything you should be doing for “on page” marketing of your website?  This tool from Hubspot will look at a number of areas, including blogging, social media, SEO, lead generation and mobile.

SumAll →

How to describe SumAll.  It’s a FREE business intelligence dashboard that connects to social media, web stats, blog platforms, link shorteners, email marketing tools, BaseCamp, Adwords and a few dozen other services – most of the big services that shoot out some form of statistics – and helps you see what’s going on in your world.

Website Conversion →

I worked with Kim Krause Berg for a while and she really knows her stuff when it comes to website conversion – getting visitors to take an action that you want.  For example, clicking on a “Get info” button, or making a sale.  Here’s a presentation she did at Pubcon in New Orleans this year that has some good tips.

Honing Your Elevator Pitch →

I’m still working on the Fair Winds Strategies elevator pitch, and I can never get too many tips on how to make it have impact.  It’s really tough to take a company that you think has dozens of great products and create a 60 second sound bite about it.  Here are a few tips to check out.

Three Tips for Getting a Business Loan →

This was a great article and introduces our newest team member – Wesley John.  Wes used to work for a number of different banks and evaluated whether to offer credit to small businesses.  Get some great info from an insider!

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Chris is Managing Partner of Fair Winds Strategies. Prior to this he was the Chief Innovation Officer at Internet Marketing Ninjas where he managed M&A activity, legal work, and also focused on the use of technology and other solutions to lead innovation and growth. Before IMN, Chris led the sale of his $10mil information technology company, twice an Inc500 fastest growing company in the US, to an investment banking firm in NYC. He has a strong passion for sailing, and had the opportunity to spend two years travelling from Lake Champlain to the southern Bahamas and back with his family.
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