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Cash flow is king in any small and medium business.  All of your decisions are made based upon the inflow and outflow of money to your organization.  Having consultants becomes a scary thing – how much are you going to be charged at the end of the month?  Even with problems, most small businesses won’t use outside help because of the cost. And how about all of those things you KNOW you should do but don’t have time to deal with?  Getting your HR right.  Recruiting the right people.  Writing blogs.  Who has time, and they all cost too much to outsource. Until now.

Predictable Price Consulting

Outsourced Human Resources

Large Business

50+ Employees
  • HR Specialist Onsite 2 Days/Week
  • Benefit Administration
  • Develop and Streamline Processes
  • Benchmarking Form/Toolkit/Wage Benchmark Library
  • Unlimited E-Mail Support
  • Unlimited Telephone Support

HR Assessment

  • We perform a comprehensive audit that includes procedures and policies, classification and compensation, benchmarking, communications, training and risk.  See our economical outsourcing page for more details.
  • For companies of 50+ Employees, the price is $3,950.

Fixed Price Recruiting

Executive Employee

VP and Above
  • Develop Job Posting
  • Post to numerous boards and social media outlets
  • Evaluate Candidates and Pinpoint Best Matches
  • Identify Finalists
  • Perform One-Way Video Interviews
  • Perform Skill and Personality Assessments
  • Provide comprehensive profile of finalists
  • Dashboard Access

Social Media and Blogs

Enhanced Program

  • Social media PER DAY (as appropriate): 3 Tweets, 2 LinkedIn Post, 2 Facebook Post, 2 Google+ Post, 2 Pinterest Pin
  • Blogs PER WEEK: 3 600 Word Keyword Optimized Posts
  • Press Releases PER MONTH: 1 Press Release Plus Distribution
  • Competition Analysis
  • Industry and Keyword Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Increase Network Popularity
  • Reputation Management Monitoring

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