We’re Finders. We’re Fixers. We’re Funders, and We’re Supporters.

We identify the real problems in an organization that are slowing your growth. We do real work to fix them. We find you money to fund the growth, and we’ve got your back as positive change happens.


What Makes Us Unique?

One Stop Shop

We deliver all of your small business services under one roof. Don’t train and pay several companies to learn your business. You can work with us and have access to a wide variety of services all in one partner.

Predictable Pricing

Each month we charge a fixed price – giving you predictability in cash flow, more bang for your buck, and the ability to spend your money where it’s needed most.

Awesome Solutions

From strategy, to outsourced human resources, to recruiting, to executive advisory, banking, finance, marketing, sales, technology, M&A, operations and tons of other services and solutions.

All About Success

We’re all about making your business better – increasing revenues, improving customer service, decreasing your time to market and many other areas that drive your business forward.

Employee or Consultant?

Why hire an expensive uncertified HR manager? Fair Winds Strategies can provide you with onsite certified staff and unlimited email and telephone support, all for a low monthly price.

I'm NOT paying a 25% Fee!

Recruiting used to be expensive, with 15%-30% or higher fees.  We’re turning this approach on its head and providing a low fixed fee price whether you’re hiring an account exec or a CEO – and we’re using an amazing new process to make it happen!

I don't have time to blog!

Who has time to write blogs?  Content rich blogs are the proven approach to becoming recognized as a leader in your field and attracting new customers.  We’ll write your blogs for you, focused on your industry and business – and rich with all the right keywords.

A Sampling Of Services…


Starts at $1,995/month

Get expert time in any subject matter – from marketing, to CEO advice, to technology, finance and lots more!

Outsourced HR


Certified professionals so you don’t have to be.  Onsite service, unlimited email, telephone support and more!



Using a next generation approach we find candidates, we screen candidates, we identify finalists, and then you hire the best!

Social Media and Blogs


We’ll tweet, pin, and post across all of the major sites EVERY DAY for you, along with writing several blog posts per week.

Who We Are

We’re former Inc 500 winners.  We’ve bought companies and sold them.  We’ve held numerous CxO positions.  We’ve been on loan committees.  We’ve moved our technology “to the cloud”.  We’ve been small business owners.  We’re here to use our experience to ensure your success.  Tell Me More

What We Do

You focus on your product or service.  We’ll help you with everything else – from HR outsourcing, to finding the right people, to “CEO Therapy”, executive coaching, marketing, finance, compensation planning, selling your business or buying one, technology and more.  Tell Me More

Think With Us

Emotional Branding: 4 Critical Questions, and Stupidity

Emotional Branding: 4 Critical Questions, and Stupidity

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Disruption, Comfort Zones and Dying

Disruption, Comfort Zones and Dying

Let's talk about disruption. Newspapers and magazines always felt that when the Internet came around they could continue to survive on print editions. Wrong. Journalism lives, but the printed word on paper continues to decline as more and more periodicals move to an...

How do you Reduce Your International Sales Risk to Almost ZERO?

How do you Reduce Your International Sales Risk to Almost ZERO?

Many a USA based small business has received a request to sell their products to a foreign company. Often they are reluctant to do so because they are afraid of not getting paid. To mitigate the risk they invariably ask the buyer to pay up front. But, with a Letter of...

It’s Time to STOP

It’s Time to STOP

This post is going to be short and simple. One of the most overused quotes on the Internet - maybe in general - is by Albert Einstein. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." There's a reason it's...

How to Sell Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your CEO

How to Sell Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your CEO

Wow. My last post about search engine optimization from a CEO's perspective must have struck a chord. I've never had such a wonderful response, so I'm guessing that looking at SEO from a CEO perspective must be of interest. With that in mind, I thought I'd focus this...

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